Assurant Health

Assurant - Accident Fixed-Benefit Coverage

The Assurant Accident Fixed-Benefit plan pays cash benefits when injuries, medical treatment or death result from an accident. Two base-policy options are available:


  • Off the Job Accident Fixed-Benefit, covers accidents that occur apart from the primary insured’s job
  • 24-Hour Accident Fixed-Benefit, which provides on- and off-the-job accident coverage


Accident Benefit Examples
Level 1
Level 2
Treatment (emergency room, urgent care or doctor’s office)
$100 adult/$50 child
$100 adult/$50 child
Follow-up Treatment
Ambulance (ground/air)
ICU Confinement
Major Diagnostic Exams
Physical Therapy
Rehabilitation Unit
Fractures (closed/open reduction)
Per-service benefit amounts
up to $3,000/$4,000
Per-service benefit amounts
up to $3,750/$5,000
Coma (7 or more days)
Paralysis (paraplegia/quadriplegia)
Accidental Death
$30,000 adult/$15,000 child
$50,000 adult/$20,000 child
Accidental Dismemberment
Up to Accidental Death benefit
Up to Accidental Death benefit

Assurant Health is the brand name for products underwritten and issued by Time Insurance Company.

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