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North Carolina Health Insurance
North Carolina Health Insurance
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Health Insurance
Frequently Asked Questions
Do you need Health Insurance?

Going without Health Insurance can cost more than paying premiums. While you may be able to pay for doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and other routine medical expenses on your own, you may not be able to afford the high medical bills resulting from an accident or illness.

If you don't have major medical coverage to protect you from unexpected medical costs, you would be responsible for paying all of these medical bills on your own. Plus, being insured can protect your health.

Uninsured can face serious health risks by delaying necessary medical treatments. This can result in even higher costs in the future if and when a medical condition worsened.

What is an HSA Plan?

A Health Savings Account (HSA) Plan combines a lower cost plan with a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account. The premiums are lower because of a higher deductible.

You can make tax free deposits into your HSA account and use the money to pay your out of pocket expenses. This type of plan puts you in charge of your health care spending. The HSA funds can be used for medical expenses including dental, vision , prescriptions, gym memberships and more.

An HSA acts similar to the flexible spending accounts many have with their employer provided health plans or group plans as many call it, except the money is yours to keep. There is no "use it or lose it" feature.

When does coverage begin?
when you apply for coverage, you select the date you would like the plan to become active. We recommend that you don't wait till the last minute. All health insurance applications are reviewed by the underwriting department and depending on your health history, the underwriting process can take anywhere from a day to weeks.
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We provide many different North Carolina health insurance plans.  You can choose from a wide variety of plans, features, and services. Customize your own health insurance plan to fit your lifestyle and your financial budget!
North Carolina Health Insurance Plans Health Insurance Plans - Renewable individual and family plans

In North Carolina there is a wide variety of low cost health plan options available. We offer health insurance by Assurant Health, Celtic Insurance Company and United HealthOne. Customize your plan with many deductible options for coverage that best fits your needs and healthcare budget.

View the North Carolina Health Insurance Plans
Assurant Health Insurance Celtic Health Insurance United HealthOne
North Carolina Short Term Health Insurance Short Term Health Insurance - Coverage for 30 Days to 12 months

If you need health coverage for a short period of time - We have some affordable options. Our low cost North Carolina short term health insurance plans are available for 30 days to 6 or 12 months. Temporary medical coverage for anyone that is between a more permanent health plan.

View the North Carolina Short Term Health Insurance Plans
HCC STM Med Plus STM Secure Lite STM
North Carolina Dental Insurance Dental Insurance - Dental plans for individuals and families

Looking for a low cost North Carolina dental insurance plan? We offer discount dental plans and dental insurance. No waiting period dental plans start at: $7.95/month and dental insurance starting at $15/month. Use any dentist or save by using a PPO network dentist.

View the North Carolina Dental Insurance Plans
Aetna Dental Access Secure Dental Insurance Careington Dental Plans


Travel Insurance Travel Insurance - International travel medical plans

Anything can happen while you're away from home - whether visiting a foreign country short-term or living abroad indefinitely. It's important to be prepared for any unexpected illness, injury or medical emergency when at home or abroad.

View the Travel Insurance Plans
Travel Insurance HCC Travel IMG Travel Insurance

North Carolina Risk Pool - Health insurance risk pools are special programs created by state legislatures to provide a safety net for the "medically uninsurable" population. These are people who have been denied health insurance coverage because of a pre-existing health condition, or who can only access private coverage that is restricted or has extremely high rates. View the list of states with "Health Insurance Risk Pools".


Insurance can be difficult to understand. Contact us with any question you may have on North Carolina health insurance coverage and availability. Long Term Consumer Care, Inc. is a Master General Agency offering health, dental and travel insurance throughout the United States and worldwide. We are licensed throughout the United States and have been serving individuals, families and businesses for over 30 years.

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