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Seven Corners Travel Medical Plans
Seven Corners

Seven Corners, Inc - Provides travel and medical insurance to international travelers, expatriates, students, overseas visitors, immigrants, missionaries, global citizens and corporations. Coverage can begin as early as the next day. Seven Corners was formerly known as Specialty Risk International and has been providing international coverage for nearly 20 years. View the travel insurance plans by Seven Corners.

Seven Corners Travel Medical Insurance
View Travel Insurance Plans by Seven Corners
Atlas Series Travel Medical - HCC Medical Insurance Services
HCC Travel

HCC Medical Insurance Services - There are many types of travel insurance available online today. As a globally recognized leader in the international travel health insurance market, HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC offers a robust line of worldwide insurance products from short-term holiday travel insurance to long-term health insurance for expatriates living overseas for many years. View the travel insurance plans by HCC.

HCC Travel Medical Insurance
View Travel Insurance Plans by HCC
IMG - International Medical Group
IMG Travel Insurance

IMG - International Medical Group - For more than 20 years, IMG has dedicated its efforts to providing international medical insurance, travel insurance and impeccable service to the international community. whether visiting short-term or living abroad indefinitely. It's important to be prepared for any unexpected illness, injury or medical emergency. View the travel insurance plans by IMG.

IMG - International Medical Group
View Travel Insurance Plans by IMG
Group Travel Plans are also available - Call 1-800-544-9505 for more information
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Anything can happen while you're away from home - whether visiting a foreign country short-term or living abroad indefinitely. It's important to be prepared for any unexpected illness, injury or medical emergency when at home or abroad. Most traditional medical plans simply are not designed for international travel. Call us at: 1-800-544-9505 if you need help in choosing the travel insurance plan that best fits your needs.

US and International Travel Links

This collection of links will guide you to other resources that will help you prepare for your next flight.

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Local weather forecasts by city and state.
Travelers' Health - National Center for Infectious Diseases
General health information for travelers and health information on specific destinations
U.S. Customs Information for Travelers
Travel emergencies and warnings; passports visas and services for those living abroad
Travel and Living Abroad - U.S. Department of State
Passengers traveling abroad should read the State Department's Consular Information Sheet for the country in which they plan to visit and check Public Announcements or Travel Warnings that may pertain to that particular country.
Air Traveler Information - Federal Aviation Administration
Onboard safety instructions regulations and tips for more comfortable travel
Aviation Consumer Protection - Department of Transportation Consumer Affairs